Shepherds Harvest – Sad Surprise

This years Shepherds Harvest was very well attended. It is the most important event for my shop. Imagine my shock when we vendors were told that we could not pay for our space for next year and then given a letter by a very unapproachable person that is a member of the committee. I read the letter and have to say that my feelings were hurt, I was very much upset and felt very disrespected. I hope that the current committee will reconsider their current position. I find that this festival is the best way to demonstrate, show, teach, and sell sheep and wool products made and grown in Minnesota and surrounding states. I hope sincerely that the committee will not even think that there are better venues to teach, educate and market our local wool products. Many hand spinners, knitters and weavers look forward to attending every year. It is the highlight for all of us attending – vendors and visitors.
I would like the committee to know that I have offered to help many years in a row and was always told that there was nothing that I could do to help. Now, all the sudden, we are faced with the accusation of not wanting to volunteer and are then threatened with the cancelation of the event altogether.
I would like the committee to know that I am more than happy to volunteer in the areas of volunteer communication, teacher outreach, building set-up and on site check-in for some limited hours. I volunteer the help of my son during the length of the festival.
I hope that this time the committee will not turn my offer down.
Lets have another festival and continue a valuable, fun filled tradition.
Mothers Day would never be the same if this festival would not continue, AT LEAST FOR THIS MOTHER!!!!

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