7 thoughts on “More to come…

  1. I am wondering when the best time to come and look at spinning wheels on a Saturday would be?
    I am new to spinning and would love to try a few out to see what works better for me. I am excited to try this new adventure. I ahve been knitting for over 40 years adn can’t wait to make my own yarns.

    • I am open by appointment. Saturdays work great, sundays are also an option. This coming Saturday I am already booked. The following Saturday also, I am available Sunday the 28th and will be in Hopkins for the Fall Fiber fest on Saturday the 3rd of November.

      • Do you have any time tomorrow afternoon? Otherwise I will try and find another day that works. Maybe the 3 rd but my house will be full of hunters.

  2. Thanks so much for looking at day and times.
    I will try and make it to the Hopkins Fall Fiber fest then. Otherwise I am looking at later November for any free time.

  3. Thank you. I am looking at coming to Hopkins then. Will you have some of your spinning wheels there? That is what I am wanting to look at. I want to see what type will work for me. I am new to spinning and want to learn how and have a good wheel to use for many years.

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